Elegant Farmhouse Table

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Elegant Farmhouse Table

W: 35in L: 48in (1KFD-TBL-104-35-048) $985:
W: 35in L: 60in (1KFD-TBL-104-35-060) $1125:
W: 35in L: 72in (1KFD-TBL-104-35-072) $1265:
W: 35in L: 84in (1KFD-TBL-104-35-084) $1405:
W: 35in L: 96in (1KFD-TBL-104-35-096) $1545:
W: 35in L: 108in (1KFD-TBL-104-35-108) $1810:
W: 35in L: 120in (1KFD-TBL-104-35-120) $1950:

W: 42in L: 48in (1KFD-TBL-104-42-048) $1070:
W: 42in L: 60in (1KFD-TBL-104-42-060) $1225:
W: 42in L: 72in (1KFD-TBL-104-42-072) $1380:
W: 42in L: 84in (1KFD-TBL-104-42-084) $1535:
W: 42in L: 96in (1KFD-TBL-104-42-096) $1690:
W: 42in L: 108in (1KFD-TBL-104-42-108) $1970:
W: 42in L: 120in (1KFD-TBL-104-42-120) $2125
Solid wood (pine), available in multiple finishes, custom sizes and other wood types also available,Prices and availability subject to change,