Spring 2017 High Point Furniture Market

Posted by Lydia White on May 8th 2017

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have officially returned and recovered from the High Point Spring 2017 Furniture Market, and had a fabulous time as usual. What do we do at market, you ask? Well, it’s the largest home furnishings trade show in the world, so we do a LOT! There are over 2000 exhibitors in more than 10 million square feet of showroom space, so we try to approach our visit with an outlined plan of attack.

Of course, we try to stop in any showroom that we carry at 1KFD and see all of the sales representatives who are so good to us throughout the year. Generally, they will walk us through and show us all of the new items that have been added to their offerings, which are beautifully staged around the showroom. This year, we travelled to High Point with the express purpose of scouting out and hopefully getting a showroom location of our own! It would be a very exciting move for us, and would open us up to designers as well as retailers all across the world. We met some fabulous people in Interhall, the temporary showroom space for up-and-coming furnishings companies, such as Maggie Cruz, whose style is so breezy and Miami, and Mark Badgley and James Mischka. They are not up and coming at all, being the names behind the amazing American fashion label Badgley Mischka, but they were officially launching the brand new Badgley Mischka Home line at High Point Market.

Part of being a furniture manufacturer and retailer means keeping up with what is going to be the Next Big Thing, so we kept our eyes peeled for fresh new trends for the coming season. Well, folks, here’s what we saw:

1) Metallics! There wasn’t as much as we saw during the fall market, but if your aesthetic is modern and sleek, you are in luck! Everywhere you looked there was metal being used in every room of the home.

2) Upholstery! On the opposite side of the spectrum, and still continuing from the fall trend, many of the showrooms featured a plethora of soft fabric furniture. Trend forecasters claim that this will continue, as technology becomes more prevalent and integrated into our everyday lives, we’ll continue wanting a soft, comfortable place to land at home.

3) Chinoiserie! This trend is very stylized, but it can be add a beautiful and rich concept to any room. A lot of this was incorporated via murals on furniture and wall coverings, which can be a great way to have maximum impact in a spall space

4) Artisan and one of a kind craftsmanship. Of course, 1KFD has been at the forefront of this trend since our inception, but it is wonderful to see a ton of great custom options available across the board. Most places have a build your own option for sofas and other items, and many are incorporating handmade fabrics, hand painted accents, and made in America items.

Overall, a lot of the trends we saw at the fall market continue through the spring, and green is all over the place in all kinds of shades! We are so excited to bring some of these fresh ideas to the offerings at One of a Kind, and to developing some really unique pieces to showcase to interior designers and wholesalers at the next furniture market!